Castelsardo Sardinia Italy

Visit castelsardo sardinia italyCastelsardo is one of the most amazing places of the whole strong>Sardinia. This small town in the northern west side of the island lies in the middle of the famous Golfo dell’ Asinara. This old middle age settlement combines the beauty of a crystal see with the romanticism of the location. This perfect mix attracts thousands of visitors every year, expecially during summer.

Cagliari Sardinia Italy

Cagliari Sardinia Italy
What to see in Cagliari Cagliari is ideally divided into four quarters. Villanova, to the East, is developed at the foot of the castle and today is the commercial heart of Cagliari, dotted with shops and some unmissable monuments, for example the Bonaria Sanctuary.

Very characteristic and lively is the Marina quarter, south of the city between the castle and the port, with dark and straight lanes from which the churches of Sant’Agostino and Santo Sepolcro stand out.

Sightseeing in alghero

AlgheroAlghero: Things To Do, excursion and trips in Sardinia. Many authors come here from the continent to look for inspiration, however every year the number of foreign tourists visiting Alghero is increasing, searching for holiday homes, relaxation and shopping due to low cost airlines like Ryan air with flights to Alghero. There is a lovely promenade next to the port and to the right, the fort of Maddalena. Places to visit include the multi-coloured dome of the S. Michele church and the Catalan gothic style S. Maria cathedral.

Archaeology in Sardinia

Archaeology in SardiniaArchaeology Sardinia, Italy: Interesting trips of nuraghe.

Who looks at the Losa di Abbasanta nuraghe, the nuraghe Santu Antine di Torralba or that of Arrubiu di Orroli will have no doubts of what can be easily identified with a lot of splendour isolations for a population to which we can identify.

Archipelago of Maddalena

archipelago maddalenaArchipelago of Maddalena (arcipelago della Maddalena), Costa Smeralda Sardinia. There are two secrets to reveal something of the atmosphere of the Desert Rose or the lucky spot dedicated to the The Island that wasn’t there.

The first is not to expect a full summer. The second is to visit the Archipelago of Maddalena by sailing boat. Sailing signifies the reversing of the prospective. From the sea, the inlets are many in quantity and beauty and are accessible by swimming ashore once anchored nearby. Cala Gavetta, on Maddalena, is an excellent departing point for a cruise.

Smeralda coast

smeralda-coastCity breaks Sardinia: Smeralda Coast.

How should we present the beginning of Summer 2010, Costa Smeralda, that small point of Gallura to a very high concentration of noted times, for almost half a century, monopolised by the attention of fashion victims of the Italian August?

Along this stretch of coast that goes from Liscia di Vacca to Porto Rotondo continues the torrent of mega yachts, glamorous parties, jeeps and TV stars!
You can also experience tourists on foot, with the wanting to encounter celebrities.